Experience for yourself why we say life is better connected.

Small Groups can be a place where you spend time with people that help make you better. And we can help you ?nd a group that’s right for you. Small Groups include eight to twelve adults who gather and discuss both real life and practical faith. Here’s how you can join a group.

Community Groups: In February and September, we open online registration for Men’s, Women’s, and Married Couples’ Groups by area of town.

Explore Faith: ANSWER & FOLLOW groups are ideal for ?guring out how to make faith practical in your life while experiencing a taste of community. You can register online for a group at each of our locations.

Married Couples’ Groups

  • Just Married
  • Married without Children
  • Married with Children
  • Empty Nesters

Young Adults

  • Men’s Young Adults Group
  • Women’s Young Adults Group

Explore Faith

  • Men, Women, and Couples
  • New to church or attending for a long time